Attend an event

We have monthly meetups in several cities all over Europe and our goal is simple:

Get out of your comfort zone and have fun along the way!

Everyone (yes, that includes you!) can join these events for free – to meet new people, hang around, learn, play and grow in the company of fun and like-minded people.

Our meetups are and will be free.

Organize a Social Adventure

Do you want to experience and try yourself as the leader of a group, in a safe environment?

We do not only invite everyone to join, we also invite everyone to organize an event – in fact all our events are organized by our participants!

At the end of an event we ask for topic suggestions, and vote on them. Is there a topic you are currently invested in? Do you want to share it? You cannot even wait to tell us about this unique interest of yours?

Whether you are a regular attendee or here the first time: We welcome you to take the stage, and bow to your courage!

Become an active member

This is only for those who really want to change the world! Just kidding, but if you want to work behind the scenes and help us and the participants, you’ll need some commitment.


  • help new experimenters host an event
  • give feedback
  • organize venues
  • run your own group
  • get to meet the team
  • be an invaluable part in supporting others to grow
  • and much more…

We do this to bring courage to the people!

How? Approach an organizer at one of our events, or hit us up at