This is a short introduction in giving feedback and on which points you may focus at the beginning. Of course you may want to adapt the feedback individually with your level of experience. Due to organizational structure the feedback shall be given by a person we call Metatrainer (as far as available).

Feedback to Experimenters

talkin’ as social adventure shall bring advantages for:

  • all participants
  • the experimenters
  • the group itself (talkin’ = great experience = place to be)

Experimenters contribute to the group and themselves. To increase the learning effect for them usually a Metatrainer gives them feedback to their concept and their performance / handling the group if they want. This strengthens the bond to talkin’.
The feedback is only offered if the group has the resources for that. Find more under: Metatrainer.

Points to focus on during feedback can be:

  •  how are the exercise explained (too short or long / detailed)
  • how is the body language in general
  • how much of the space is used (does (s)he “hide” during explaining).
  • does (s)he respond to the group (if s.o. Does not understand an exercise that was explained or if an exercise start to get “lame / boring”,…) ?

All the points are evaluated with respect of the overall impression. Shall mean: how it fits to the person / personality. F.e. someone who is shy and takes the courage to be experimenter will definitely have less body language and seek for safety by standing next to a table during the explanation of an exercise.

How to give feedback:

Sandwich rule:

  1. Start with sth positive
  2. Point out 1-2 things that could be done differently
  3. Finish with sth positive

Rules of feedback (in short):

  • Feedback is personally: “For me,…” “I liked,…” I personally did not like,…”


In general you can start by asking the Experimenters:

  1. How do you feel?
  2. How was it going for you? How was your impression?
  3. What would you do the same & what would you do different the next time.

With these 3 questions usually the Experimenters take time to reflect and get also more open for constructive feedback.

+++ enjoy giving feedback and remember: by giving feedback also you learn. So take time after giving the feedback and reflect what went good and what you would do differently next time you give feedback +++