Uncomfortable talkin’ – we have to talk!

Because Comfort is overrated. Satisfaction comes after quite some frustration, pleasure comes from hard work and confidence comes from practice. What they all have in common? That bit of magic that happens outside of your comfort zone.

Do you feel confident enough to talk about anything, with anyone? Well, let’s put that to test!

Talking to other people. Yes, that’s what most of us do normally, most of the time and in most situations. But what happens with those other, non-most situations? Let’s explore how we deal with some utterly uncomfortable and quirky situations, which most of us tend to avoid as much as possible. In the next talkin’vienna, there will be no room to avoid anything.  🙂 


 Join us for this month edition of talkin’vienna: Uncomfortable talkin’


talkin’ is an event series focusing on personal development and social adventures. We believe that the best way to grow as a person is to go out of your comfort zone, and have fun along the way. You don’t think that’s possible? Come and join us and see for yourself! The english speaking group invites internationals in Vienna, but also Austrians who enjoy speaking english.

Maximum participants: 25 people. Please only attend if you register here.

We are a group of people who organize monthly Social Adventures, everyone is free to join. This group will be held in English, please respect each other and speak English only. In case you are looking for the german group in Vienna you’ll find the events here: http://www.talkin.org/wien

your lovely talkin’ vienna team �

talkin’ is a non-profit organisation, that is organized by amateurs and non-professionals

Photo credit: talkin’vienna