Why joining a Social Adventure?

Because it is:

  • fun
  • learning
  • escape your daily routine
  • meet new people & friends
  • playing with your comfort zone


Do you feel caught up in #daily #routine sometimes?
Would you like to find yourself outside your comfort zone instead, sometimes at least?
Are you #confident enough to perform ad-hoc [so-called #impro #games] in front of a totally unknown audience

  • If yes, yes & yes: then you clearly have arrived at the end of your #ComfortZone
  • If one or more “no”: then you can join a world of fun, learning & personal development in the extend you want.

Next station:
#Magic zone @ #talkin’ #talkin_vienna #WhereThereIsMagic #DreamsComeTrue
Seems #surreal? Well, did you know the artistic name of the founder of Apple was #Dalí? 😉 #PowerPointKaraoke #StayTuned …


What is a Social Adventure?

It is a monthly meeting for:

  • experimenter to experiment with the group, their concept & their leading of the group.
  • participants who want to be part of a social adventure.