In talkin’ we have a constant flow of energy within and between the groups.

New participants receive the joy of social adventures. For some this might be fine and they feel comfortable with this. Others may get the feeling that they also want to host an evening. As soon as they decide to organize a Social adventure they become Experimenters and by this contribute to the group. But by beeing an Experimenter they do learn preparing and hosting a evening as well as working with a group. As soon as someone plans such an evening (s)he learns more about the specific topic. So by running a Social Adventure Experimenters receive and give at the same time. To increase the learning effect we have an option for feedback the Experimenters can take advantage of. The feedback is usually given by a so called Metatrainer who either and in best case is professional or who is more experienced (if a professional is not part of the group yet). The person who gives feedback helps the Experimenters to improve. The person who gives feedback practices giving such feedback and can learn by focusing on parts (s)he wants to improve. By this flow of energy all participants receive and give at the same time. Yes, also participants give, as not all can be Experimenters at the same time. Just by beeing present and joining the exercises the participants make it possible that the Experimenters can run the evening and learn how good their plan works and gain experience in working with a group. So what does the group leaders and talkin’ group members get? The group leaders start and organize a group because they want to have a Social adventure in their city and want others to have the possibility to take part in talkins’ as well (vision).  The talkin’ group members contribute, advertize and organize as they have individual skills they want to contribute or want to improve. Both get in return regularly Social adventures, the possibility to develop and grow as well as a great group they belong to.