Rules for our Telegram groups

The purpose of our Telegram groups is to support our events. Therefore some rules are necessary to keep that focus.

Rules for our Telegram groups

This is the Telegram group for comfort zone challenges in [the current city]

Our groups are for people participating at events in [the current city], coordinating the location during the evening and letting others know if you succeeded in doing a challenge by yourself (in between events).


  • If someone lets the groups know about a successfully mastered challenge we all cheer for them!
  • If you can’t make it to an event: no one cares! Just don’t come, and don't post about it.
  • If you’re a tourist in [the current city] check out Wikivoyage or some Couchsurfing groups, don't ask for tourist information here please :)
  • If you want to meet up in between events and do some comfort zone channels feel free to use this group!
  • If you want to stay informed about future events and our club: use our website (, subscribe to the newsletter there, and follow us on Instagram
  • Events are published on Eventbrite, and sometimes Couchsurfing.
  • No event promotions besides the ones organized by talkin' or outside events that are approved by the talkin'board.