Feedback rules

Feedback should allow the other person to discover new behavior.

Feedback rules

The main rules on how to give proper feedback are:

  • Give your feedback right after you have experienced things.

  • Make sure that your feedback embraces measurable observations and what influence that had on you.

  • Use the personal pronoun ‘I’ to give negative feedback.

  • Use your messages to get positive feedback.

  • Make sure that your feedback is appropriate. The best way is to use a ‘sandwich-feedback’.

  • Stay grateful. If you are too angry, postpone your feedback until you are in the mood.

The feedback rules:

  • Engaged listening.

  • Ask in details about your behavior and all your actions.

  • Ask about the influence your actions and described behavior have caused.

  • Avoid excuses and notice that the feedback is just a point of view of your opponent.

  • Make a decision about what you would like to change in your behavior.

About a sandwich feedback:

  • The first part: start with something good, point out positive moments.

  • Next, the ‘hot’ part goes: say about negative things and provide your thoughts on possible improvements.

  • Finish your message with general gratitude for goods or content provided to you. 

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