Experimenter – Handout

Handout for talkin’ experimenters


Dear participant!


Congratulations, you made the decision to prepare & lead the next talkin’ workshop and to extend your comfort zone, by experimenting with a group of open-minded people.


talkin’ is a field of experimentation for communication topics. In our society fear of failure is omnipresent. We at talkin’ see failure different: failure is valuable feedback that tells us something about ourselves and how we tend to react in certain situations. Failing is therefore celebrated, accepted and allowed – so sit back and relax!


Important information beforehand

As we will announce this event on our homepage and on Facebook, we need the following information within the next 7 days:

  • Title of the event – e.g. „City Pitch“
  • Subtitle – e.g. „Leave your comfort zone and (re-)discover yourself“
  • Description text (3-10 sentences)
  • A digital version of the concept of your workshop


Please send the information to:  [city]@talkin.org (e.g. for talkin’vienna use vienna@talkin.org)


Your support

You can optionally make use of a meta-trainer, who will give you feedback on and impulses for your concept – or will coach you beforehand. You can consult the meta-trainer for up to 30 minutes. The meta-trainer will moreover support you during the event, if the group dynamics get out of control or the ethical standards of talkin’ are violated.


Your feedback

If you want to, you can ask your meta-trainer for feedback right after the event – the meta-trainer won’t take the initiative to give you feedback, if you don’t ask for it. Please understand that for psychological and organizational reasons feedback can only be given directly after the event and not later.


Enjoy the preparation and execution of your talkin’ event!

your talkin’ team