The Voice of talkin’

No, this is not a talent show – even though participants always suprise us and themselves with their many un/known talents.

What goes through your mind, when you open your mouth and start speaking? Do you actively think about how your voice will sound? How it will be interpreted? Can you regulate your voice to conceal your emotions? And how do you find your voice in impossible situations?

Our voice is a powerful instrument, but do we use it to its full extend? At talkin’ vienna, we usually experiment and enjoy our humorous voice. This time we will more consciously train our physical voice – timely – to up your game for this year’s edition of the yearly family &/or friends Christmas Carols ‘competition’.

Join us for the last talkin’ vienna of 2019 – and voice your voice like a baby fresh out of its mother’s womb!


talkin’ is an event series focusing on personal development and social adventures. We believe that the best way to grow as a person is to go out of your comfort zone, and have fun along the way. You don’t think that’s possible? Come and join us and see for yourself! The english speaking group invites internationals in Vienna, but also Austrians who enjoy speaking english.

Maximum participants: 25 people. Please only attend if you register here.

We are a group of people who organize monthly Social Adventures, everyone is free to join. This group will be held in English, please respect each other and speak English only. In case you are looking for the german group in Vienna you’ll find the events here:

your lovely talkin’ vienna team ♥️

talkin’ is a non-profit organisation, that is organized by amateurs and non-professionals

Photo credit: talkin’vienna