Running Social Adventures

Running a social adventure is pretty easy. Here are the 3 main steps:

  • At the beginning introduce the concept of talkin’ according to the Framer document
  • Lead through the evening
  • In the end encourage the participants to bring friends along the next time.

After the fun comes pleasure and a few to-do’s:

After the Social Adventure you have to do some follow-up and preparation for the upcoming one.

Direct afterwards:

  • Approach the next Experimenters to get their contact details & give them the Experimenter handout
  • Give feedback to the Experimenters Feedback
  • Fix the room for the next event

Within the next 1-2 weeks:

  • Upload photos & advertise the next Social Adventure
  • Check that you receive a short description of the next Social adventure
  • Check that you get the concept in time
  • Advertise the event

The next social Adventure

  • Open the event and enjoy the evening 🙂
  • Close the event by finding the new topic and Experimenters
  • Get contact details from the Experimenters
  • Give feedback to the Experimenters (if you offered it)
  • Fix the room, upload photos & advertise the next Social Adventure

Feedback as part of Social Adventure

talkin’ as Social Adventure shall bring advantages for:

  • all participants
  • the experimenters
  • the group itself (talkin’ = great experience = place to be)

Experimenters contribute to the group and themselves. To increase the learning effect for them usually a Metatrainer gives them feedback to their concept and their performance / handling the group if they want. This strengthens the bond to talkin’. This is our flow of energy.
The feedback is only offered if the group has the resources for that. Find more under: Metatrainer.