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 Do 03.11.2016 19:00
Philogreissler Café Kaiserstraße 35 1070 Wien Österreich


Did you ever lie? Did they find out? Do you think you can easily detect liers?

According to newest studies, 100 % of liers have already lied at least once in their life. Moreover, in shocking news, the same journal published a study that found out that 100 % of internationals living in Vienna have female relatives. Yes, we are shocked too!

We all think we are good at detecting liers, but are we really? Let's find out, in a playful way, lead by by Iza & Ari.

talkin' is an event series focusing on personal development and social adventures, that started in 2006. After ten years, hundreds of events and 3 different groups in Linz and Vienna, the english speaking group invites internationals in Vienna, but also Austrians who enjoy speaking english.

Maximum participants: 25 people. Please only attend if you register here.
we are a group of people who organize monthly Social Adventures. Everyone is free to join. This group will be held in English, please respect each other and speak English only. In case you are looking for the german group in Vienna you'll find the events here:
the talkin' vienna team